More land and trees fall into Assumption sinkhole

The Advocate The story can also be found here BAYOU CORNE — A growing, 5.5-acre sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish swamps gobbled up an another strip of land Tuesday, parish officials said. The 80-by-20-foot section on the eastern side of the sinkhole fell in, or sloughed off, about 4:45 p.m., parish officials said. John Boudreaux, director …

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Officials: Sinkhole math doesn’t work

Photo provided Louisiana State Police Air Support Unit via The Advocate

The Advocate BY DAVID J. MITCHELL River Parishes bureau October 22, 2012 To view the story click here The math isn’t adding up in Assumption Parish, and some parish officials are worried about what might be happening underground near a Bayou Corne area sinkhole. State Department of Natural Resources scientists said they think a subterranean …

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Displaced residents question area safety

Photo provided by Louisiana State Police

The Advocate BY BRET H. MCCORMICK River Parishes bureau October 14, 2012 Read full story here BAYOU CORNE — Although the Louisiana Office of Conservation last week accused Texas Brine Co. of Houston of causing a 4.2-acre sinkhole near the Napoleonville Dome in northern Assumption Parish, some area residents said Saturday they have bigger concerns than …

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Officials blame salt cavern

Click here for full story The Advocate BY DAVID J. MITCHELL River Parishes bureau October 12, 2012   The Louisiana Office of Conservation on Thursday night placed the blame for a 4.2-acre sinkhole, gas trapped in an underground aquifer and other events in northern Assumption Parish on the owner of a failed salt cavern inside …

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Gulf oil sheen blamed on 2010 wreckage

The Advocate BY CAIN BURDEAU Associated Press October 12, 2012 For full story click here NEW ORLEANS (AP) – Federal scientists and BP say oil appears to have leaked last month from the drilling wreckage lying at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico near where a BP well blew out in 2010, causing the …

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Expert links gas, sinkhole

  Geologist: Connection seen in info BY DAVID J. MITCHELL River Parishes bureau The Advocate October 11, 2012 Read full story here The small community of Bayou Corne in northern Assumption Parish has been beset by a laundry list of the uncertain and unexplained: a yawning sinkhole in the swamp, earth tremors, natural gas bubbling …

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