We are Louisiana citizens who believe in a practical approach to restoring the damages to Louisiana’s water and land, as well as a proactive approach to the future protection of our natural resources.

In Louisiana, more than 18,000 waste pits have been abandoned by oil and gas companies.  These waste pits and hazardous sites have been allowed to fester, causing harm to our clean water and land, and endangering the health of our children.

Internal documents of major oil companies show that for decades oil and gas companies have known that abandoning waste pits and hazardous sites is harmful to health and the environment.  Nevertheless, our state is riddled with these pits and hazardous sites, and we believe those who left them behind should be responsible for cleaning them up.

How Do We Restore the Past?

We believe that questions concerning who is responsible for cleaning up abandoned sites and how much contamination has been caused by these sites are often best left to Louisiana juries.  No one cleanup plan can address the complexities of each of the tens of thousands of waste pits and hazardous sites covering our state.  Louisiana courts are the best forums for Louisiana citizens to consider the extensive evidence submitted in contamination cases.


I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.

Thomas Jefferson

How Do We Protect the Future?

We believe that Louisiana governmental agencies must strike a real balance between our economy and our environment for the future. This balance should not strangle our oil and gas industries as they begin a new expansion of activity in Louisiana. Instead, we should protect our natural commodities, clean water and land, by encouraging companies to operate responsibly.

“IF YOU DAMAGE WATER AND LAND, YOU MUST RESTORE THE WATER AND LAND TO ITS NATURAL STATE” should be the modus operandi for Louisiana’s future.

These are our beliefs…


The Clean Water And Land PAC

Why have we formed a political action committee (PAC)? It’s a simple answer: politics matters when clean water and land are on the line.

By involving ourselves in the political process, we aim to remind politicians that Louisiana citizens value clean water and land.

Most often, those who have despoiled our natural resources are those who are quick to donate to politicians.    These politicians need to hear the other side of the argument. We hope that by forming Citizens for Clean Water and Land-PAC, we can inform voters and politicians alike about policies that matter to our clean water and land, in an effort to promote balance between mineral exploration and the environment.

The Problem

Map of known abandoned wells and pits in South Louisiana

The Problem

Note: To this date, North Louisiana has not been mapped relative to lingering waste sites, pits, and hazardous waste dumps. No doubt, there will be a great many more red dots when it is.

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